WebFerret is fast and powerful Web search software for Windows.

WebFerret lets you search the web quickly and thoroughly by instantly submitting your search query to multiple search engines. All of the results are displayed in a single concise window:

It's Fast

Type in your query and hit the Return key or click the search button. WebFerret directly queries the most popular search engines in parallel, guaranteeing quality results, in seconds. As you watch the WebFerret window fill with results, you can sort by page Name, Address, Source or Description. To view a web page, just double-click on a result and it will open in your Web browser.

It's Packed with Options

You can choose which search engines to search and the number of results to return. You can enable password-protected obscenity filters, or create you own, and control whether you store your search history. You can also use WebFerret directly from a toolbar integrated into your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

It's Flexible

You can enable features like duplicate results removal and keyword suggestions to help you find better results. You can also select any number of results and have WebFerret independently validate them. WebFerret will make sure a Web page really exists for each result you choose to validate. Most importantly, you can specify the type of search you wish to conduct. You can search for ALL of the keywords in your search query, ANY of them, search for an exact phrase, or use a Boolean expression.

Download WebFerret 6 now from Download.com WebFerret 6 Requires Windows 2000, XP or Vista
Windows 98 and Windows ME users must download WebFerret 5